Champtek and China Mobile signed cooperation
agreement to promote innovative service of
IOT applications


On Sceptember 7th, 2010, Champtek Inc. and China Mobile Limited

announced that the two companies have reached a series of agreements covering joint development of IOT application. The collaberation between both companies attend to introduce RFID application initially at Xiaman and later broaden to nationwide.


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SG300 RFMdownload
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This wireless hand-held long-range CCD scanner features a freedom of scanning without the limitation of cable.
With the most advanced narrow-band RF technology, this scanner can operated at 15 Meters range(Open space) and features one cradle supports multiple scanners ability (Maximum 8 scanners).
The received cradle includes RF receive module and batteries charger. SG300RFM is normally available with one of three option interface - either "Keyboard Wedge", or "RS232 serial", or "USB". Which interface you choose will depend mostly on the software that you will be scanning the barcodes into an how you want everything to work as well as the types of ports available on your PC.