Champtek and China Mobile signed cooperation
agreement to promote innovative service of
IOT applications


On Sceptember 7th, 2010, Champtek Inc. and China Mobile Limited

announced that the two companies have reached a series of agreements covering joint development of IOT application. The collaberation between both companies attend to introduce RFID application initially at Xiaman and later broaden to nationwide.


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The FI-300 is a compact and lightweight area image scanner which offers superior 1D and 2D scanning. Idea for OEM application from various kiosk solutions to point of sales (POS) which has limited counter space requirement.

The clear aiming frame enables users to visually see the area that is to be captured. The center decoding setting utility which allow images are appropriately lit to enable accurate capture. Enable you to bring your systems to market quickly and cost effectively. Sensor detection wake up function to minimized operator fatigue by providing hands-free presentation scanning.

The FI-300 design is light enough to be held in the palm and scanning by triggered on if any external application required. The compact size has been done to simplify the integration of FI-300 and allows it be mounted anywhere.